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Now more than ever, when it feels like our lives are on pause, we must practice the art of patience in order to rest in the mystery of this strange period instead of looking forward to its end.

When we think of patience we mistakenly think of passivity, or of waiting for something better to happen, however, perhaps a better word according to Sōtō Zen monk and teacher Suzuki-Roshi is constancy. In his book ‘Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind’ published in 1970 he says:

‘I have always said that you must be very patient if you want to understand Buddhism, but…

inspire (n.)

Middle English enspire, from Old French inspirer, from Latin inspirare ‘breathe or blow into’ from in- ‘into’ + spirare ‘breathe’. The word was originally used of a divine or supernatural being, in the sense ‘impart a truth or idea to someone’.

Winter is drawing us into hibernation, and forcing us to reassess what is truly important; or as Ocean Vuong put it so beautifully in this wonderful podcast ‘On Being’ — to ask, what makes our life ‘worthy of our breath’.

This search for truth, for the pure essence of existence, is what all creatives seek through this…

As the world pauses in the wake of the US election and before the approaching winter ebb of the pandemic, let us take a moment to catch our breath.

I know it’s been a surreal and difficult year for everyone in different ways, so I wanted to share a few things that have been keeping me sane. To help navigate through this infodemic I am trying to limit my consumption of information to that which is enriching and inspiring in an attempt to filter out the mental noise.

To start us off; the opening lines of one of my favourite…


MAGUIRE is London-based multi-instrumentalist and singer Gillian Maguire. An artist who finds musical form for ineffable expression.

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